Cleansing Prayer

“I was doing a detox program a few years ago, and while doing research online I ran into your site and Monique's prayer. I did not order the tea at that time, but started to say the prayer. When I started another detox this year with a friend I pulled that prayer out and gave her a copy.… I ordered a pack last month. I shared it with my husband and a co-worker. My husband said "we need some more... I love it!" So here is my second order.”


… when you fast, your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

Matthew 6:17-18

“It's as if every step that I take becomes a prayer [when] I'm fasting.”

Andrew Soliz, Lakota Nation

“Fasting has a way of humbling the self…ultimately, the fast of any faith community is to draw the soul of the faster closer to God.”

Rabbi Capers Funnye, Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation, Chicago

Monique's Prayer

Today I start a day of cleansing. I'm expecting miracles through this process. Lord I thank you for the revelation of the necessity to cleanse my temple for a more fulfilled life. I pray that you keep me determined and consistent. I claim victory over the temptation of convenience.

I expect to develop stamina, endurance, flexibility, controlled breathing and stronger, cleaner lungs. I will be rid of cellulite, clear of acne, and without darkness under my eyes. I will experience fewer aches and pains and reverse the process of aging.

The artist in me will become more creative, I will be poised and relaxed with a strong voice. My brainpower, memory, and ability to concentrate will increase. I will have the energy and will to accomplish anything I set my mind to.

I'll be more loving, gentle, patient, and in tune with others and myself. I'll acquire greater spiritual awareness. My prayer life will become an effortless, peaceful experience with a greater capacity for Divine love and a closer relationship with God and with the Holy Spirit.

In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen

Source: Monique Michaud, hair stylist, Chicago

The Power of Prayer

“In 1994 I was introduced to DetoX and went from a size 14 to a size 6, got rid of cellulite, and lost a double chin in 3 months. It is now 12 years, a marriage, and two children later(see pictures). I am a size 8 and the cellulite and double chin have not returned.

“The prayer was (and continues to be) an important part of my success. I say it twice each day when I detox. Feel free to modify it to fit your circumstances and spiritual beliefs.”

Monique Michaud