Cleansing Made Easy

Can I keep the weight off?

“I tried DetoX and you guys are the best. I lost 40 pounds last month and I'm working on 30 this month. Can I maintain this without gaining it back? I desperately want to keep the weight off.”

Tanya Johnson

Cleansing keeps it off.

If it doesn't cleanse—don't eat it. Poop what you eat. Stop eating on occasion.

Eat fruit and veggies

Plants contain nutrients, fiber, and water. You don't have to become a vegetarian, just treat meat as a side dish. Friends may not understand and tempt you with junk food—stuff you've eaten all your life—stuff you've enjoyed together. Tell them it causes heartburn, or headaches, or gives you a rash so they don't feel rejected. If you give in, DetoX again.

No added fat and sugar

Think of yourself as a recovering food addict. Sounds harsh but food with added sugar and fat is addictive by design—individual bites seem harmless because the effect is gradual. Each time you DetoX, resistance becomes easier.

Avoid Constipation

Constipation is the first sign that something is wrong and is easily remedied—one or two days eating fruit is generally all it takes. Bowels should move easily about 12 hours after each meal—3 meals a day should equal 3 bowel movements.

Fast Periodically

Pick a routine that suits you—1 day a week, 3 or 4 days per month, a week when the seasons change.

Daily Prayer

Prayer is optional but highly recommended. Monique's prayer is not only worth repeating, it is worthy of study because she reveals some profound benefits. She's maintained her weight and cellulite loss for 20 years and mentions neither in her prayer.

Plan for holidays

The average person gains weight between Halloween and New Years. Concentrated partying is not good for the waistline. Make sure fruit and veggies are available and fill up on them. It is a good idea to fast before or after holidays.

“Thank you for a wonderful product. I dropped two dress sizes and have maintained it for over a year. I highly recommend DetoX…”

Lynn Wolfe, PA

Will DetoX help with an illness?

Not directly. DetoX is food. It does not cure or heal anything. If, however, you believe food heals, and you wish to change to a plant-based diet, DetoX makes the transition easy.

This is a foreign concept to people who are accustomed to taking drugs or being subjected to invasive procedures. We suggest visiting the following sites if you are curious:

How long should I DetoX? How often?

It varies with the individual. Our best advice is DetoX until you feel like stopping. Alva started with 10 days and it was probably a year before her next DetoX. Buddy, on the other hand, started with 7 days, stopped for a week, did 5 days, stopped for a week, did 9 days, and established a pattern of 3 or 4 dqys per month. Monique did 1 pack a week for 4 months.

Many people stop after 4 days because each DetoX pack makes 4 days of tea. That is fine but not a requirement.

Can I eat during DetoX? ...Exercise?

DetoX is traditionally consumed during a juice fast and most of our customers report they are not hungry. However, a few people feel hungry, some cannot fast, others do not believe in fasting. If you decide to eat during DetoX, we suggest eating fruit (watermelon is best). You can also try the veggie broth.

Daily exercise is important. Make an effort to walk every day. Gentle bouncing on a mini-trampoline is another great physical activity during DetoX.

Is DetoX a colon cleanser?

No. DetoX supports the body's effort to cleanse itself. We do not believe you can reduce the body to pieces and clean each as if it is a room in a house or a part in a car. The body is a single, interconnected, self-cleansing organism.

Most so-called "colon cleansers" are processed fiber. Get your fiber from fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Why eat oat bran or apple pectin when you can eat oat meal or an apple?

Is DetoX safe?

Safety is a question you will have to decide for yourself. The herbs in DetoX are generally recognized as safe and you can read about them in books and on the internet. Of course, if you are under a physician's care, you should check with him or her before trying DetoX. If pregnant or nursing, do not use DetoX. If you use it and feel sick — stop immediately.

DetoX, used in the traditional manner, involves fasting — a practice common to every culture and religion on the planet. Experts disagree on just about everything and fasting is no exception. Read about it, consult people you trust, and make your own decision.

Of course, if you are under a physician's care, you should check with him or her before trying DetoX. If pregnant or nursing, do not use DetoX. If you use it and feel sick — stop immediately.


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