"DetoX makes Cleansing easy"

DetoX Stories

12 pounds in 7 days

picture of Arga "I Own a health food store in Houston. I am proud to carry DetoX because it provides quick good health results for me and my customers. "I remember trying to get that last few pounds off after finishing breastfeeding. I lost my stomach and 12 pounds in 7 days. I ate my way through a divorce when it was final I detoXed for 4 days and lost 7 pounds.

"My customers love DetoX and agree that it among many things it helps eliminate cravings and start good eating habits."

Arga, Houston

picture of AlvaAlva lost 20 pounds in 10 days

“I tried DetoX for migraine headaches. In 10 days the headaches went away, I lost 20 pounds, and 2 dress sizes. In the 2 weeks after DetoX, I lost 13 more pounds and another dress size (10). All of a sudden, i had will power. The picture is about 10 years later. I've coached many through their first DetoX and I'll do the same for you.”


Monique lost 35 lbs, 5 dress sizes, double chin, and cellulite

“I was considering liposuction when a fellow hair stylist introduced me to DetoX. After 4 months of periodic fasting (and daily prayer)— my cellulite and double chin were gone. I went from size 14 to size 6 and lost 35 pounds. I've kept the weight off for 20 years, through marriage, and the birth of two children (still a size 8).”

Monique Michaud

Brenda lost 2 dress sizes in 3 weeks

"I was a size 16, constipated, and constantly snacking on junk food. My husband (Charles) convinced me to try DetoX. Three weeks after my first bag, I went to my favorite store to buy a dress. To my amazement, I was a perfect size 12. I realized that I no longer craved sweets, chips, or soda and was having regular bowel movements."

Brenda, Chicago

50 pounds in 4 months

"I bought a case of DetoX from Alva at a Jacksonville Expo but was skeptical so I let it sit for 6 months. I lost 25 pounds with that 1st case and within 4 months I was down 50 pounds.

“I gave a pack of DetoX to my mother and she loved it. We even travelled with Alva and Buddy to a hair show in Atlanta and shared our experience. (See photo)

“DetoX is such a good product, I feature it in my skin care business. Clients not only lose weight, their skin improves.”

Ethelyn, Jacksonville

12 pounds in four days

"I was at a hair show with friends and we laughed at the notion of losing 8 pounds in 4 days. As soon as I could ditch them, I bought a bag and lost 12 pounds in four days."

Faye, Hair Stylist, Atlanta

Eye-witness account

"Two ladies told me about the product last night. I walked into the salon today anxious to see and I saw what was left of them. Oh my God, one lady has been on the program for 8 days-she has lost so much weight she looks great. Her skin is beautiful. She is fasting and drinking the lemon oranges and grapefruit juice combination. She is so excited!

"My beautician Saundra is still eating with her plan. She takes the tea a half a cup a day at night -all the weight in her face, neck, arms and stomach have practically disappeared. She looks great!!

"They feel great they have energy they saw things come out of them that was unrecognisable and smelled pretty bad but they LOVE the product. I really can't wait to have my testimony. I just want to share with you and thank you for changing so many lives."

Chantay (note came with her first order)

8 pounds in 4 days

“ I reluctantly tried DetoX and lost 8 pounds in 4 days. It is a wonderful product.”

Willa Jones, IL

Traditional cleansing herbs

When I was a child in Mississippi, my grandmother used to give us a tea every spring. detoX reminds me of that tea

Thelma Woods

16 pounds in 6 days

“... I am beyond pleased. In six days I lost 16 pounds, my goal is 40 pounds. The product and the honey lemon water keep you satisfied and from the first day you are not hungry. Thank you.”


94 lbs in 6 months

"I weighed 340 pounds and had a laundry list of health problems. 16 days after first using DetoX (January) I had lost 26 pounds. It is now July, I am down 94 pounds, I walk two to five miles every day, and I feel great"

Geneva, Detroit

Ophelia lost 30 lbs in 5 weeks

I regret that I did not find out about detox sooner. I first used DetoX in the spring. I lost 20 lbs in three weeks and another 10 pounds in the 2 weeks after DetoX. I felt like my body was still cleaning itself.

I got rid of a chronic cough that I had for more than a year. My skin cleared up, my nails and hair grew healthier. Varicose veins disappeared. 5 years later, these changes still hold true and I've kept 50 pounds off. Thank God for DetoX!!

PS I am a mother of two and a grandmother of three.


12 pounds in 8 days

“I am a personal trainer. Friday after Thanksgiving I started detox and lost 6 pounds. On Monday, I had to change my course of direction. The boys were back in town, and they were ready to go heavy. I found a quick remedy, chunk lite tuna. I ate tuna and chicken breast (one pouch) daily through out the week.

“Eight days out I dropped 12 lbs.

“Several of my clients have tried the product, the average is 7 pounds in four days. They all want to do it again.”

Denise, Atlanta

3Kg, first pack


“Detox is going really well - started on Tuesday and I have lost 3kg already - think that is 6.6 pounds. I will take a break on Saturday and Sunday - as we have a 50th Birthday party - but I'll stay on the veggies and fruits.

“Thanks a million.”

Natascha, South Africa